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A creative movement in Annapolis, MD dedicated to the lives lost in the tragedy at The Capital in 2018. The publication's resilience inspired us to spread this 'Freedom Of Press' spirit on a worldwide scale.
I was torn up inside with a feeling of needing to do something about this tragedy in Annapolis. Although I didn’t personally know the victims, I’ve definitely felt the pain of my Annapolis friends, family, and community. This has been a scary 24 hours, but the dedication of Maryland first responders and the resilience of the The Capital Gazette is truly inspiring. I’ve designed this badge to remind how important the #freedomofthepress is, especially in times like these, and I’m hoping sales from this design can go to the paper. Who wants a shirt or sticker? 

-Artist Aaron Yealdhall

***We appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm for the PRESS ON Annapolis design, but we would ask that people restrain themselves from printing the logo except through items officially licensed by PRESS ON Annapolis.  We are trying to assure the logo only appears on authorized goods donating acceptable amounts to the charitable organizations. 
"My shop wants to stock PRESS ON Annapolis shirts or stickers!"
- please contact us at PRESSonANNAPOLIS@gmail.com
We will begin packing & shipping on Monday July 9th, thank you for your patience.